You Dream It. We’ll Paint It!

North Atlantic Painting Company (NAP) is a full-service painting contractor licensed to perform professional painting services for Nassau County, FL, residences and businesses.

NAP started in Camden, ME, in 2002 by Peter Berke who had previously painted in the Boston suburbs but was looking for a better quality of life for himself and his family. So he decided to relocate to Camden, a coastal community of approximately 3,000 year-round residents. In 2015, NAP had gross revenue in excess of $800,000 despite a very seasonal business that cannot provide a full range of exterior painting services year-round due to the long New England winters.

Back in 2002, Peter approached a local Maine community bank for his first business loan. It was then that he met Eric Belley, a business banker, who counseled Peter and provided him with guidance on how to smartly grow his business. Over the next 14 years, Eric and Peter met regularly to review the company’s financial statements, develop a marketing strategy, plan for the purchase of real estate to locate his business out of his home and other business-related matters. They soon became good friends who respected each other’s talents.

When Eric decided in the summer of 2016 to “take the leap” by leaving a successful banking career and relocate to the sunny shores of Amelia Island (knowing that Jacksonville offered more banking opportunities than in coastal Maine, as well as superior health care services) little did he know how it would all turn out. After taking a few months to get settled in, considering the moving van was emptied one day before Hurricane Matthew visited us, Eric and his fiancée Bonny decided to look at other opportunities outside of banking while utilizing his skills accumulated over 25 years of consulting and banking.

While frequently talking to Peter who was jealous of the move to Florida, they explored the option of opening a southern operation for NAP in Nassau County. (Peter may have been looking for a reason to come to Amelia Island!) The cost to enter the market was minimal, and the activity and growth in real estate were phenomenal.

Once they decided to make it happen, Eric took a few months to get integrated into the business community by networking and creating referral sources. He transferred his Rotary membership to the Fernandina Beach Rotary Club and then joined the AIFBY Chamber of Commerce before becoming an Affiliate Member of the AINCAR Board of Realtors. He also became a new member of a local referral group called the Power Referral Group which afforded Eric access to hundreds of other business owners and leaders in the community.

As with any successful business, a business owner must determine a niche in the market. What makes that business different from the competition? Not to complicate things, “We paint stuff!” said Peter. However, they focus on painting the interior and exterior of existing homes and businesses but also decided to work with a few select custom builders in the area. NAP’s tag line is…You dream it. We’ll paint it!

“We pride ourselves on our quality and professionalism in not only the painting application but also in the interaction with the customer,” Peter said. “That interaction starts early in the sales cycle and can make the difference in closing the sale. This is where we decided to find our niche.”

In August 2017, NAP rolled out its 2-Day Quote Guarantee. “We will call a prospect back within 24 hours of the phone call or email requesting one of our free estimates,” Peter said. “An appointment will be determined that is convenient for all parties. From the time we complete our physical inspection of the project, our prospect will have an estimate with a detailed cost breakdown, pictures of the surfaces to be painted and a contractual agreement so that everyone can understand and agree upon the scope of the project and the responsibilities of the customer, as well as NAP.”

NAP has five full-time professional painters who are documented, insured and on the NAP payroll ready to handle your next painting project. Have you also ever wanted a “Painter for a Day” to handle those small projects? Call NAP at 904-627-0849 or visit for more information.