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Exterior Painting

Your home is undoubtedly one of your most important assets, and the home’s exterior is what is protecting the rest of your home. The exterior of your home faces a constant battle against weather elements, which is why upkeep is essential. Perhaps the color of your home has faded over the years or maybe you’re just looking to give your home a fresh new look to enhance curb appeal. Whatever the reason may be, we are your go-to painting professionals to get the job done efficiently. First, we will perform a detailed inspection of your home and provide an estimate. While paint covers surfaces, we make sure to not cover over any problematic areas that could harm or mask a potentially larger issue. Before we begin painting, we will perform the appropriate preparations to remedy the problem. In the worst case scenario, we will halt our production and advise that a third party be involved to evaluate the situation.

North Atlantic Painting’s detailed written estimates are indicative of our attention to detail and include a detailed scope of work, pricing, pictures and a Contract Agreement. Transparency and communication throughout the project from your initial call to the estimate to the final walk-through are critical to our ability to exceed your expectations.

Exterior Painting Tips

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Interior Painting

North Atlantic Painting can assist in renovating the interior of your home by painting your walls, ceilings, trim and doors. If wall coverings like wallpaper or murals have outlived their welcome, we can help transform those spaces and bring them back to life. Have a room with an outdated look? Popcorn ceiling removal is an easy place to start. Want to make your ceiling smooth and modern with just the paint scheme? We can make it happen!

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Interior Painting Tips

 Annual Exterior Maintenance Program

Be proactive and reduce your long-term maintenance expenses. Frequent upkeep is much more cost effective than paying for large-scale remediation down the line. Protect your property from damage and decay such as mold, mildew, dry rot, and more.


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