“Be A Gift To The World”

That’s what we believe in and that’s what we strive to do. This past year, 2016 was a strong year for giving back.

“I’m half way into my presidency at West Bay Rotary and really enjoying it,” said North Atlantic Painting founder Peter Berke. “We’re ending the season of giving and reflecting and what better way to do that than to participate with an organization that’s known globally and locally for being generous and giving back?”

This past year, West Bay Rotary made physical and financial contributions to worthy projects and organizations giving out nearly $30,000.

These funds were entirely from net proceeds from our various fundraisers through the year, like the Duck Derby and Christmas tree sales, our two biggest events. We also park cars for the Toboggan Championships, do admission for the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Festival, ran a beer tent for the Maine Lobster Ride, host a chili challenge during Winterfest and a chowder challenge during Windjammer Weekend, and run an eWaste program.

Of that $30,000, most of it was direct giving, but $7,500 of it was to our West Bay Charitable Foundation, a separate but associated organization.

The rest of the funds we gave went to college scholarships to five or six local students, Rotary International’s Polio Plus program, our Rotary district’s Governor’s project, scholarships to support five students to attend the Camden Conference, various international projects in Lesotho, Guatemala, and Peru (designated by our International Committee), and various local projects. In addition, we supported an exchange student from Iceland, Berglind Sigurbjornsdottir. (This year we’re supporting a young man from Thailand, Jay Klaipong.)

In addition to this, we also collect pocket change from members every week. It usually totals between $50-$100/week, which we donate to various organizations and causes. About 90% of our members also individually give $100 or more a year to Rotary International’s Every Rotarian Every Year program, which supports grant programs in our local district and around the world.

Click to see a list of community organizations Rotary has donated to.

Thank you for working with us this year, giving your contributions and time. Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!