The new year is a time for a fresh start. It’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade your home to a more modern look, or to change your overall theme. Whether you’re interested in updating one room, or your home completely, here are a few ideas that we love.

What to Paint for the New Year?

Accent Walls: Sometimes all a room needs is new color, but you may not want to paint the entire room. By adding an accent wall, you provide a pop of color, without adding too much. Surprisingly, this one accent wall can either brighten or darken the room, whichever you prefer. You could also use this opportunity to have a “test run” of a color you might want to use later on.

Kitchen Cabinets: A great way to change up your kitchen, without a full remodel, is to add a fresh coat of paint to all of your kitchen cabinets.

Family Room: Adding a new color to the living or family room can really brighten up the house and gives it a cozy feel. You can cater your new color to whatever your family enjoys the most. Bright colors let in as much light as possible, or you can use darker colors to have the perfect movie nights.

What Colors Should You Use?

  • White, Grey, or Beige: Theses are neutral colors that can complement any room and can tie together any style of furniture.
    • A color that’s mentioned a lot in the neutrals is greige which is a combination of grey and beige.
blue bedroom
  • Navy Blue: This a great color for bedrooms because it’s a dark color promoting a good night’s sleep. You’ll also find it used in bathrooms to compliment a white or marble in the room.
  • Red: This is great for an accent wall in the kitchen. Red promotes good appetite and great conversation.
  • Light Green: A light green can give your bathroom and earthly, calming tone especially paired with white accents. Perfect for that spa day.

Some Extra Tips For You New Style:

  • Make sure the color matches the furniture and decor of the room.
  • Choose a color that can last and doesn’t tend to go out of style. The crazier the color, the more likely you’ll change it more often.
white kitchen
  • Want to open up your room? Go with bright or neutral colors that can reflect that light. 
    • For a smaller, cozier feel, use darker colors.
  • The paint finish matters. A flat finish can hide any flaws on your walls. Glossy paint is much easier to clean. Choose the paint based on your day-to-day life, as well as on the color.