Now that you’ve hired a professional to paint your home, your job is almost done. The next step for you is to prepare your home so that it is ready for painting. While it’s important to ensure there aren’t any obstacles or potential hazards, in the way, here are a few helpful tips for a smooth paint job:

Exterior Paint Jobs

It’s best to remove any shutters, hanging plants, patio furniture, and more on the outside of the house. Trim away any trees or bushes so the painters have plenty of room to finish the entire house.

Make sure your pets can’t get in the way of the painters. A professional paint job can be hazardous to both the painters and your pets if they are loose outside your home. Kennel them for the day, or keep them inside your home for the duration of the paint job.

Hose down as much dirt as possible. The painters will usually powerwash your siding to make sure they have a clean slate, but hosing down the siding, and the trim, is extremely helpful to their process, especially if there’s any leftover landscaping mess.

Interior Paint Jobs

It’s best to take down any wall-hanging decor, rid of the cobwebs, put away any rugs, and any furniture that can be removed easily. If you have a piece of furniture that isn’t easy to move, then cover it with an old sheet or something you don’t mind getting a little messy.

Animals can be very sensitive to paint fumes. It’s best to remove them for however long it takes the painters, or make sure they are in a well-ventilated area, as far away from the fumes as possible.

With a small amount of laundry detergent and a gallon of water, walls can be scrubbed clean with a clean rag or a sponge. It might take some elbow grease, but it’ll be worth it when the room is that gorgeous new color!