Maine is known for cozy cottages, lush forests, and beautiful harbors. All around it just has a comfortable “welcome-home” feel. Let the exterior look of your home reflect that classic Maine feel with the perfect coat of paint. Not only will it protect the exterior, but also showcase your individual style. Here are just a few combinations we can’t keep to ourselves:

A Rock Wall – A white, gray, and dark blue are perfect combinations for that cottage-vibe. Painting rock patterns and adding some texture is a fun, affordable way to have the look of stone siding without the added cost. It can be done to just one side as the focal point of the house, or it can be added to all sides.

Dark Gray, Gold, & White – These three colors are a gorgeous mix for a Maine home. With a base of dark gray, the gold and white accents will stand out! Giving the house a stripe effect could give your home the nautical feel that everyone loves.

White, Red, & Black – These three colors offer a classic combination that is both neutral and bold! With a white base, complete the look with black trim and a red door. Perfection has never been so easily achieved.

Natural Wood & Blue – Natural wood is a timeless look that pairs with almost any color. Going for a darker stain for your wood areas, and pairing it with a pale blue will give your home a “pop” color in the right place.


When it comes to Florida, the never-ending summer comes to mind meaning sandy beaches and warm weather. Light, bright colors are also something that comes to mind to match that Florida vibe. However, that doesn’t just mean the inside of your beautiful home. Bring the bright color to the exterior of your home with these great colors that we LOVE:

A Touch of Taupe – Taupe is a beautiful color that mixes gray with a touch of brown, creating a beautiful blend. If you’re looking for a beachy vibe, this is your exterior color!

A Soft Yellow – While yellow can be rather bold, it accents darker areas of your home quite well. Sticking with a softer, pastel yellow, is a great way to indulge in a colorful exterior, sticking to that Florida style.

A Peacock Blue – Blues are always a favorite for any area of your house. A gorgeous, vibrant peacock blue brings home the colorful blues of the ocean from the Keys to the Bahamas.

A Stormy Grey – While the idea of “stormy” grey doesn’t sound appealing, it’s actually a great color to bring on the beachy style. It’s also easy to pair with pop colors such as a white accent or even a bolder color like a Smokey Red.