Choosing a new color for your living room, bedroom, or office can give the room a whole new vibe! It can go from a bland, off-white to a fun gradient where a dark blue lightens as it travels up the wall. Have fun with the colors and go as crazy as you want. Here are some trends to check out when you’re creating your new room!

Set the Mood! – Setting the mood with some darker, moody colors like navy blue and brown can give any room that comfy, cozy feel. It’s more common in living rooms because people want to decompress after a long day of work and running around. Adding a light color to offset the darker colors can make a beautiful contrast, by painting the trim or by adding a lighter decor to offset the dark. Plus: using a darker blue in the bedroom helps induce sleep.

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Awesome Interior Painting Trends & Ideas 2

Greens & Blues – A great combination for a room is a soft blue such as a baby blue and a grass green. These are soft colors great to keep things both cozy as well as light and airy.

Adding a Pattern – A wall doesn’t need to just be painted the traditional way and left like that. Patterns can be added free hand, with a stencil, and more! It can turn a drab boring color to a unique part of the house that will keep people talking.

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Accent wall – Creating an accent wall with a fun pattern, or color, breaks up the room to make it appear more open. It adds a little extra to your space to bring together your unique style and decor.

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