While living near the ocean is beneficial for you in a variety of ways, it may not be beneficial for the exterior of your home. Truth be told, houses by the shore need more maintenance than an inland house because of how salty and humid air can get. Luckily enough, the experts at North Atlantic Painting can help you keep your home’s exterior looking brand new, no matter the weather, humidity, or saltiness in the air. Here are a few reasons proper maintenance is essential for a coastal home.

Salt Water Affect: Saltwater can really have an effect on the exterior of your home. It doesn’t necessarily need to touch your home to cause issue. It is found within the air by the ocean. If your exterior paint isn’t protected, saltwater by cause chipping, peeling, and fading. After a house is painted it’s recommended to have a sealant applied to help. Saltwater damage is a year-round issue.

white home with blue bordered windows

“Saltwater damage is a year-round issue.”

“Moisture builds-up much more near the coast.”

Moisture Build-Up: Moisture builds-up much more near the coast. The higher the humidity, the more moisture is in the air. High levels of moisture can lead to mold, which can start eating away at the exterior paint. The best way to avoid this is to have the outside of your house power washed regularly to prevent any damage.

Harsh UV Rays: In addition to the humidity, the sun has harsh UV rays that beat down on the exterior of your home. Extended exposure will end up fading the paint color. Sun exposure and humidity can also create a soap-like film on the paint over time. The best way to get rid of it is to wash the house with a mild detergent. Regular paint touch-ups may be needed to restore any fading.

Sand Build-Up: This is something homes closest to the ocean may experience. A build-up of sand can leave the exterior feeling very rough and scratchy. It will act like sandpaper on the exterior paint. A sealant on the paint will help prolong the paint, but the paint job will need to be freshened up regularly.

“…the sun has harsh UV rays that beat down on the exterior of your home.”