Winter is the time to take stock of all of those pesky interior projects you didn’t have time to get to this fall and were too busy to get to over the holidays. Now, North Atlantic Painting Company is making it easier for you to tackle small residential or commercial painting projects without committing to a huge budget or extended contract.

“This is ideal for homeowners, small businesses, restaurants, retail businesses, and doctor’s offices,” said NAPC owner Peter Berke. “Unlike with an individual house painter who is a one-man operation, with us, you know you’re getting years of professional experience and training. You know we will show up when we say we will. We’re fully insured and lead-certified (check our credentials here) and with that comes our practice of leaving a home or business in meticulous shape after we are through.”

NAPC Painter For A Day

Knock your to-do list down with the help of a NAPC Painter For A Day. Paint a room, a door, touch up worn areas, or just freshen up a couple of spots. We know it’s difficult to get to those small projects that don’t require a full painting crew, but may take more time and experience than you have. That’s why we now offer the NAPC Painter For A Day.

With our NAPC Painter For A Day, you get one (or more) of our professional painters to come to your house or place of business for a day. We’ll bring all the tools and supplies, even the paint if necessary. We’ll stay up to eight hours, working on your priority list of painting-related jobs. We’ll do the prep work, painting and cleanup. You can work along with us or we’ll tackle the job ourselves.

Hire A NAPC Painter For A Day To:

  • Paint a room
  • Touch up trim
  • Paint a door, shutters, almost everything
  • Perform minor repairs such as water stains or plaster patches
  • Any combination of paint-related jobs for up to eight hours.

For $350 You Can…

Hire A NAPC Painter For A Day

To find out more visit us online and check out our offer.