West Bay Rotary does a lot of under-the-radar community service and one of the things they do is sponsor teenagers like 18-year-old Nat Lawson on an international Youth Exchange.

Nat is not your average teenager. Penobscot Bay Pilot first covered a story on him when he was a 16-year-old senior at CHRHS, nearly two years younger than most of his peers. By then, he was a professional mentalist (someone who reads minds for entertainment), self taught and performing shows that were earning him a lucrative income.

At 17, he graduated high school and took on an astounding project to improve his mentalism in the summer by spending nine days completely blindfolded. See Penobscot Bay Pilot’s follow up story here.

A natural trailblazer, Nat has set his sights on even more challenges. With the support of Rotary Club of Camden and West Bay Rotary, he has been able to spend a year in Corrientes, Argentina going back to high school (who does that?) with the intent to immerse himself in mastering the Spanish language.

While there, he has developed an entirely brand new 40-minute show based on his last blindfolded experiment in Spanish.

He plans to return to Maine July 25 and you can find out more about his new show and journey through his blog: www.natlawson.weebly.com

At North Atlantic Painting, we’re not just about paint. Fully invested in the communities in which we work and live, we will continue to bring you more news about the people that West Bay Rotary benefits. For more information visit: http://westbayrotaryofmaine.org/