You’ve all heard the term: “Buyer Beware.” We’ve been in business a long time and that’s why we feel it’s our responsibility to educate you, the consumer on what to look out for.

Maine law requires a written contract for any home construction and home improvement projects more than $3,000 with a specific provision that prohibits payment up front of more than one third of the contract price.

While there are a great many competent, ethical home contractors and painters in Maine, it is up to you, the consumer to spot the “red flag” when doing business with an unscrupulous contractor who may not have your best interest in mind.

Hiring someone to work on your home or business with no contract should be one of those red flags. What’s the worst that can happen?

  • Miscommunications may happen.
  • The work may not be done to your satisfaction or specifications.
  • Payment disputes may arise.
  • The contractor may not show up as regularly as promised…if at all.
  • An unscrupulous contractor will take advantage of you with shoddy materials and over-billed time.

At North Atlantic Painting, we provide a fair and even-handed contract for every job over $3,000. “It ensures that our crew will come to the job site every day and do what is stated in the contract,” said NAP owner, Peter Berke. “It ensures that the contractor can’t just ‘take the money and run,’ which has, unfortunately, happened with some people. Legally, whatever our estimate states is what we have to provide and a contract prevents any misunderstanding or grey areas for both the customer and us. If the customer wants a change order or additional work, we even provide an additional clause for that. At the end of the job, the customer gets what he or she wants, ultimately at the price both parties have agreed to.”

If you want to know more on what Maine law requires and how to protect your rights, contact us for a information packet (for a nominal fee) at With NAP, you not only get a solid written contract, but the assurance that we are fully insured and up to date on all of our insurances.

Contact us with any questions at 207-236-0703 (ask for Peter) or email us at

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