An interview with Peter Berke, owner of North Atlantic Painting Co.

Q: The Business and Community Expo is really hopping today! What’s the best part about coming back year after year?

A: It’s seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and networking. It’s getting new ideas from seeing the booths around me and talking to people while re-introducing the business with our new logo and look. All of the above.

Q: Have any of your customers or colleagues noticed the new design?

A. Yes, a lot of people have come by and said, ‘Wow, something looks different.’ And I tell them they’ll start to see this logo and design on the trucks we’re driving around and soon the old paint can sign on Route 90 will be gone and replaced with a new sign.  But something to keep in mind is we’re still the same North Atlantic Painting Co…just with a fresh look.

Q: What’s new for the spring and summer?

A: We’re streamlining the business a bit more, tightening up the number of crew, and working to be more efficient. Efficiency is really the big keyword here; keeping the quality up from job to job. Also, we want people to know that the business has expanded to Florida near the Jacksonville area. We have been down there since January; it’s been going really well. We now have three employees there now and looking to hire two more. We’re super involved in the community in Florida, taking the same business model we have up here and replicating it down there with residential repaints.

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