With only a limited time in summer to enjoy the days, it’s a good idea to defer your house painting project to the cooler days of fall or winter (especially when crews aren’t so busy.)

A little prep work goes a long way.

There are a few steps homeowners who wish to save some money can take. North Atlantic Painting has a few pro tips for the homeowner on a limited budget:

  1. Cut away any landscaping (bushes, trees, branches) that’s growing up against the side of the house. Make sure all foliage is cut back 2 1/2 feet from house. It keeps rodents and bugs from getting too close (and in the way).Photo courtesy prettyhandygirl.com
  2. Remove the patio furniture and grills away from the house.
  3. Make sure when painters arrive, there is access to water and power.
  4. Call the power company and have the wires wrapped ahead of time. This refers to the wire that extends from the power pole to the house. It needs to be wrapped with rubber, so there’s no chance of an accidental electrocution.
  5. Remove the shutters. (This takes elbow grease but saves a lot of time if the homeowner wants to save money!)
  6. Take a hose and wash down all of the siding and trim, to get all of the dirt off.Photo courtesy diynetwork.com
  7. Inspect the eaves and rafters for any yellow jacket or paper wasp nests (like the one pictured) and get rid of them before the crew starts work on the job site. (If they turn out to be honeybees, there are some beekeepers in the area who’d probably do that for you in order to keep the colony of bees alive – so check that out first.)Photo courtesy Wikihow.com

The less time the NAP crew has to prep the site, the more ends up back in your wallet. However, if you don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself, we are a full service company who can do all of this for you.

We are currently booking interior work into the winter and exterior work for the 2016 season. Give us a call at 207-236-0703 for a free estimate or visit us at www.mainecoatings.com