Here at North Atlantic Painting, we’ve seen enough “common” mistakes when taking on a painting project that we’d like to share our expert insights with you. Here are the three biggest mistakes you want to take care to avoid:

  1. Prepping: The biggest problem we’ve seen are when homeowners underestimate the amount of time and prep it takes to paint a room. Cleaning the the dirt, grease and grime from walls, trim and ceilings, sanding the room, patching holes and cracks, caulking open seams and priming the walls are all necessary steps in prepping a room properly. Homeowners don’t usually realize how much time all of these little steps take until they start painting and begin to encounter the issues along the way.It takes a steady hand to caulk seams correctly. (Photo courtesy Wikihow)
  2. Taping: Taping off walls, ceilings and trim to make straight lines seems like a great idea–but in reality, always backfires. It never comes out right for the homeowner. This is just one of the things that it takes experienced painters years to know how to do right–and our crew is so experienced that we don’t even tape at all. We have painters who cut in ceilings and walls freehand without a mistake. The only time we ever tape is to avoid splatter marks when we’re rolling.
  3. Using low quality paint: Recent radio commercials in the Midcoast area have been advertising an all-in-one primer/paint product because of course, everyone wants to save money and time when doing a home painting job. But, for a house to look great, it takes multiple coats of the right product. Using an all-in-one primer/paint product as a shortcut doesn’t save you any extra time or money because it’s more expensive than primer. So, what you’re doing is paying for two finish coats (without ever prepping it with primer which is a mistake!) We always use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams products on our high-end houses and commercial buildings.A popular all-in-one primer and paint

The less time the NAP crew has to prep the site, the more ends up back in your wallet. However, if you don’t want to do the prep work yourself, we are a full service company who can do all of this for you.

We are currently booking interior work into the winter and exterior work for the 2016 season. Give us a call at 207-236-0703 for a free estimate.