That ugly old 1970s look of kitchen cabinetry—we’ve all seen it. Dark varnished oak with heavy inlay and unattractive hinges and knobs. When you walk into your kitchen, do you feel dingy, dark cabinetry affecting your mood?

As spring approaches, our first inclination is to be “out with the old and in with the new” but you don’t have break the bank giving your kitchen a fresh facelift.

First off, it’s about a quarter of the cost repainting cabinetry rather than buy new ones. Painting is between $3500-$4500 as opposed to $20,000 if you bought them new—resulting in a huge savings.

Second, when you work with us, it’s much easier and less invasive in your home. There’s no construction, no plumbing, and you won’t be forced to stay out of your kitchen for a week or two.

It’s a very easy 1-2-3 process, sanding priming and painting. With the superior products we use, there is no need for stripping (saving you additional costs!) Our crew is experienced in lightly sanding the cabinet, applying two coats of bonding primer and two finish coats. We can take the cabinets out of your kitchen and do them in our shop. For a typical house, we can usually turn them around in one week.

All you have to do is update with a new color and new hardware. Hinges and knobs are easy to replace and you can always change the location of the knobs. Here’s another way we save you money: depending on what new hardware you have (if it’s going in the exact same spot as the old hardware) we can do that for you—for no additional cost.

Here is an example of the dark oak varnished cabinetry very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Lovely isn’t it?

A customer had similar dark oak cabinetry, which we were able to completely transform in our shop causing no inconvenience to their daily routine.

We painted everything painted bright white—and we didn’t even have to change out the hardware—the knobs already happened to be white.

As you can see it’s a night and day—the difference once cabinets are repainted. “These cabinets initially made the kitchen appear dark and dingy, but once they were painted bright white, it totally changed the dynamic of the kitchen.”

If you’re giving your kitchen a spring update with a new color, considering doing your cabinets at the same time. Call us for a free estimate: 207-236-0703.